CT101 Reflective Post

Hey guys!

This semester has been very fun! Its has been years since I had a class that was not test heavy and pro-creative. The last class I think I had that is like this was probably art class in high school. BUT even in that class I had research papers and test for it. The way this class was instructed was so perfect for me. Every time I came to class, I felt a sigh of relief because Ryan. Ryan was overall one of the coolest professors I ever had at York. Hats off to him.

Throughout this semester, I learned a lot of interesting topics. My favorite topics was learning how to use Photoshop and learning how to make GIFs. These two were my favorite because I have never knew how to use them. All the information I have learned is beneficial to me because I will use it in my everyday life. I can finally make GIFs by myself!!!

Now is the part where we talk about grades…

For this course, I strongly believe I deserve an A+.

All jokes aside, I really put in a lot of effort in this class. I have also never missed a single day for this class. I came everyday and did my work. Speaking of work, I did all my assignments along with the optional ones on time. I put a lot of effort into my assignments. I also commented on a bunch of peoples work. I know it might be a stretch to ask for an A+, but I have never got one and I thought it would be cool to finally get one in my last year of college and I worked hard for it this class.

My favorite assignments was the Photoshop Battle Remix, Zine project and the optional assignment, Propaganda Posters Remix. Most of these assignments required Photoshop to use and I was not that good at it. I had to learn some basics before attempting these projects. The best video I saw was this one below

In the Photoshop Battle Remix project, which you can find here, I had the best time surfing the Reddit Photoshop Battle. I find myself surfing there more often now. I will show you my favorite creation in this project. I spent a long time making this because I had to remove the old lady Liberty and make the background the same color. I also had to make the lady green and put the lamp in her hand. I hope you guys like this.

In the Zine project, which you can find here, I enjoyed the concept of it. I really enjoyed looking for images that inspire me. Out of all 3 of the images I created, the one below is my most favorite one. It really shows technology that inspire me personally. I love space and felt the technology I selected inspire creativity and exploration. I hope you guys like my creation.

The last project I had fun time creating was the Propaganda poster remix. There was a lot of interesting Propaganda posters online. My favorite image that I remixed was the one below.

Overall, I liked the creativity part of this course. I also liked how we post our assignments on our own blog website. I have never created a blog website before and now I see why people create their owns. For this website, I plan to move all my information into a sub domain of my other website, Rixardo.com. My other website is for my other class CT360. I want all my information to be located on one website instead of two. I hope you guys follow me there. Besides that, I had fun in this course. It was very motivating and inspiring. Thank you!

CT101 Propaganda Posters Remix

There will be a shorter version of this blog post on my CT101 blog website. I decided to move all my work here so it shows progress. You guys can check out the original post here.

Hey guys for this week, I really did not have anything else to do. I did all the previous blog post/ assignments. I really had fun creating the zine project so I decided to give a shot at the Propaganda poster assignment. I know we were supposed to use Vintage Travel Posters but I struggled coming up with ideas. Propaganda posters gave me so many ideas that I had to do it. Before I started the assignment, I looked at some previous submissions and I was impressed. Some of the submissions gave me inspiration on which direction I should approach when starting this project.

Without further ado here are my submissions. I will add the original image and remix.

This image is the original.

This is the remix version.

When making this, I instantly knew what I was going to put. Although, I am telling you to stop procrastinating I personally do it a lot. But overall, I am encouraging my fellow classmates to end this class strong.

This image is the original.

This is the remix version.

Once again, I knew exactly what I was going to do once I found this image. I spent quite a long time scrolling through propaganda and this one caught my eye.

This image is the original.

This is the remix version.

When I was remixing this image, I tried to relate it to our upcoming presentation. I feel that the text and the image matches well.

Overall, I had a blast looking for propaganda posters. I knew we had to do vintage travel posters but I could not do anything with that idea. I did not know how to approach that topic. If I did attempt it, the only thing that would come to mind is if I made some offensive remixes. Like for New York, I could add things we really have in the city, like rats. Overall I hope you guys like my work. 🙂

[WEEK #12] Zine Project

A shorter version of this blog post is on my CT101 blog website. I decided to move all my work here so it shows progress. You guys can check out the original post here.

Hey guys for this week I gave my best shot at this project. I had fun creating something that relates to myself. This first image below, is my very first shot at this project. I did not read the instructions closely but I was finding stuff on this website called Pixabay. This website is very cool and I will add this to my tools for future projects.

This is my first design. During the time I created it, it was Halloween. I am very inspired by all the scary Halloween stuff. I thought this would be cool

The image below shows creative technology that inspire me. Personally, I am inspired by the space (Astronomy). I love everything about space such as planets, galaxies, black holes, etc. I find all of this very inspiring to myself. I hope you guys like my design. I spent a lot of work designing it. 🙂

The third image I created was based off technology I have encountered. When I think of this image, I truly believe Technology fuels creativity. The center is also wifi which is very important in this day of age. I thought I’d put the light bulbs above the computer screen because technology creates ideas. I tried to give everything my own spice. I really also liked this James Comey quote.

I hope you guys like all my work 🙂

[WEEK #11] GIF Creation

This blog post is on my CT101 blog website. I decided to move all my work here so it shows progress. You guys can check out the original post here.

Hey guys. For this week I had fun creating GIFs in class. I thought creating GIFs would be way more complicated, but this method was pretty easy. I will show you guys my work so far.

This GIF is the one I have created in class

This is a classic portrait of one of the greatest United States President, Barack Obama. I chose this as my first GIF because its the first GIF that came to mind in class.

I had give try making another one on my own time. I wanted to do someone who I find interesting.

This is Young Thug. He is an famous rapper from Atlanta. Personally, I like him because he is very creative and different from the typical rapper.

While creating this, I did face some troubles. It took me a while to pick a filter in the gallery. I am going to look up some more filters when I have time. I also know there is a way to create the GIF inside of Photoshop. I thought we were going towards that approach in class. I looked it up and it uses Photoshop timeline window. You guys can check out the guide here. I hope you guys like my work 🙂 .

The “Shedding Previous Avatar Identities” Project!

This blog post is on my CT101 blog website. I decided to move all my work here so it shows progress. You guys can check out the original post here.

Hello guys. This is my attempt at this mini project. I will first start this off by introducing the avatar that I have had for years.

The original is here …

I am aware that this image has a filter. This is one of my favorite pictures of myself. Something about the black and white affect just draws me in. This image has been my profile avatar for many different websites such as Instagram and Twitter. I had this image as my avatar for about 6+ years. I really wanted to stick with this image give it color. I would like to revamp it someway.

I am very proud of the remade version.

While remaking this image, I took into account all the different mobile Apps Ryan suggested. I could not find the perfect app so I tired checking out the App store. I downloaded about 7 more applications. Most of these applications lock their best effects. I did not want to pay to unlock them so I looked for another methods.

I found this sick website that has effects for free. This website is called PHOTOMOSH. You guys should check it out, its free. The image that I made has a slice effect (vertical line on the screen scrolling down), jitter effect (glitch affect), and a smear effect (makes me move slightly).

While making this mini project, I came up with some different versions. I don’t think I will be emailing Ryan these two images. They are just still images. I personally just like the animated version I made above.

I hope you guys like my remade avatar.

[WEEK #8] Time to move on..

This blog post is on my CT101 blog website. I decided to move all my work here so it shows progress. You guys can check out the original post here.

Hello guys, I have created my domain. My domain is Ricardoxo.com.

I also have another domain, for my other class CT360, which is Rixardo.com.  For this domain, Ricardoxo.com, I customized it a bit. I used images I found off this cool website called unsplash (thanks MBS). The images there are really nice. In my website, there will be funny gifs, memes and images that I come across while surfing the internet.

Photoshop Battles Remakes

This blog post is on my CT101 blog website. I decided to move all my work here so it shows progress. You guys can check out the original post here.

Hey guys. For this project, my partner (Chanesh Mahadeo) and I decided to use the Photoshop Battles Reddit page as inspiration for my project. I am not that clear what the assignment was supposed to be, but I came up with some content based off the prompt. I found myself enjoying all the recreates the other users were making on Photoshop Battles. While looking at all the amazing work, I found myself a couple of project ideas I would like to attempt.  I am relatively new to Photoshop, so I wanted to give myself some slack. But I also wanted all my work to look pretty good. I knew that I had to learn how to use Anchor point tool in Photoshop to cut out the images. I tried using the lasso tool but it was not that accurate. I think we should do more projects like this because it will strengthen our Photoshop skills. While doing these assignments, I kept imagining a story of where these people were. I had many ideas based off each image. I put the work I attempted in order, so you can see how my work transitioned to mediocre to decent. 🙂


The first image I chose was this below. I chose this image below. When picking this, I wanted to put this guy onto a bigger mountain. I thought this was a simple starter Photoshop idea. To crop out the person, I used the Photoshop anchor point tool and went around his whole body.

Original Image

Remade Image

The second image that I chose was this one below. I chose this one because there were a lot of options I could have done. I wanted to pick an image to replace the TV screen with. I also wanted to pick an image that was awkward to be watching in a group.

Original Image

Remade Image


This third image that I chose was a pretty good image. Someone else on Reddit made a response that cracked me up. I had to use this image. I also had to make a SpongeBob reference at least once in every project 🙂 .

Original Image

Remade Image

(some context to the background)

The last image I chose was this one below. I saw countless different Photoshop ideas I could have made. So I remade two different images based off the original.  In the first remake, I made lady hang from a crane.

Original Image

Remade Image

I am more proud of the 2nd image. I took a long time remaking it. It was difficult because I had to crop out the Lady Liberty in the original and fill the background in.

Second Remade Image


I hope you like my different pieces of media. I used Photoshop as my fruits of labor. I find myself viewing Photoshop Battle Reddit more often now. I am not that good with it, but I gave it my best

ArE mEmEs ArT?

This blog post is on my CT101 blog website. I decided to move all my work here so it shows progress. You guys can check out the original post here.

Personally, I believe that memes are a form of art. Memes allow people to express their feelings and emotions. I usally use memes to explain most of my emotions whenever I cant explain it. Most of the time I randomly send memes to people because that is what is on top of my mind.

The oldest meme that I remember is this one..

This is when I used to watch WWE Wrestling. To understand this meme you have to watch WWE back in the days. Whenever the General Manager of Smackdown got tired of a wrestler, he would set up a match between that person and the Undertaker. The Undertaker is essentially a final boss level.

I use this meme whenever a person post something outrageous on the internet.

Some  memes that I made are these. I chose these two background images because they are my favorite. So this is basically a mixture of my favorite memes and CT related memes.

The classic spiderman meme cracks me up all the time.

I chose this courage the cowardly dog meme because I used to watch this show on a daily basis. I made this meme relevant to my class.

My first impressions of CT101…

This blog post is on my CT101 blog website. I decided to move all my work here so it shows progress. You guys can check out the original post here.

When I first came into this class and saw my friends,

As for the class, I expected nothing more than another York college class.

And then Ryan said we had to present projects.

Then I started to think about the presentations we had to do.

Ryan said theres no written final

But then Ryan said we were going to learn how to make GIFs..

He also said we would also learn about Photoshop and had me sold.

While reading the other semesters comments, this class seemed like it was fun.

I hope I get a good grade at the end.

Dank Videos That Make Me Happy

This blog post is on my CT101 blog website. I decided to move all my work here so it shows progress. You guys can check out the original post here.

Hello fellow 2019 Fall students. I want to start by giving a brief introduction to myself. My name is Ricardo Deodutt and I am a computer science major with a CT minor.

There are a lot of things that make me happy on the internet. I love games, music, and surfing the internet for funny content. This video below me by far is making me happy. I found this video while surfing through Twitter.

(Video is loud)

This  GIF  below  sums  up  my  reaction  to  that  video.

I honestly thought this video was going to be a next viral trend like the water bottle flip challenge.