CT101 Reflective Post

Hey guys!

This semester has been very fun! Its has been years since I had a class that was not test heavy and pro-creative. The last class I think I had that is like this was probably art class in high school. BUT even in that class I had research papers and test for it. The way this class was instructed was so perfect for me. Every time I came to class, I felt a sigh of relief because Ryan. Ryan was overall one of the coolest professors I ever had at York. Hats off to him.

Throughout this semester, I learned a lot of interesting topics. My favorite topics was learning how to use Photoshop and learning how to make GIFs. These two were my favorite because I have never knew how to use them. All the information I have learned is beneficial to me because I will use it in my everyday life. I can finally make GIFs by myself!!!

Now is the part where we talk about grades…

For this course, I strongly believe I deserve an A+.

All jokes aside, I really put in a lot of effort in this class. I have also never missed a single day for this class. I came everyday and did my work. Speaking of work, I did all my assignments along with the optional ones on time. I put a lot of effort into my assignments. I also commented on a bunch of peoples work. I know it might be a stretch to ask for an A+, but I have never got one and I thought it would be cool to finally get one in my last year of college and I worked hard for it this class.

My favorite assignments was the Photoshop Battle Remix, Zine project and the optional assignment, Propaganda Posters Remix. Most of these assignments required Photoshop to use and I was not that good at it. I had to learn some basics before attempting these projects. The best video I saw was this one below

In the Photoshop Battle Remix project, which you can find here, I had the best time surfing the Reddit Photoshop Battle. I find myself surfing there more often now. I will show you my favorite creation in this project. I spent a long time making this because I had to remove the old lady Liberty and make the background the same color. I also had to make the lady green and put the lamp in her hand. I hope you guys like this.

In the Zine project, which you can find here, I enjoyed the concept of it. I really enjoyed looking for images that inspire me. Out of all 3 of the images I created, the one below is my most favorite one. It really shows technology that inspire me personally. I love space and felt the technology I selected inspire creativity and exploration. I hope you guys like my creation.

The last project I had fun time creating was the Propaganda poster remix. There was a lot of interesting Propaganda posters online. My favorite image that I remixed was the one below.

Overall, I liked the creativity part of this course. I also liked how we post our assignments on our own blog website. I have never created a blog website before and now I see why people create their owns. For this website, I plan to move all my information into a sub domain of my other website, Rixardo.com. My other website is for my other class CT360. I want all my information to be located on one website instead of two. I hope you guys follow me there. Besides that, I had fun in this course. It was very motivating and inspiring. Thank you!

CT101 Propaganda Posters Remix

There will be a shorter version of this blog post on my CT101 blog website. I decided to move all my work here so it shows progress. You guys can check out the original post here.

Hey guys for this week, I really did not have anything else to do. I did all the previous blog post/ assignments. I really had fun creating the zine project so I decided to give a shot at the Propaganda poster assignment. I know we were supposed to use Vintage Travel Posters but I struggled coming up with ideas. Propaganda posters gave me so many ideas that I had to do it. Before I started the assignment, I looked at some previous submissions and I was impressed. Some of the submissions gave me inspiration on which direction I should approach when starting this project.

Without further ado here are my submissions. I will add the original image and remix.

This image is the original.

This is the remix version.

When making this, I instantly knew what I was going to put. Although, I am telling you to stop procrastinating I personally do it a lot. But overall, I am encouraging my fellow classmates to end this class strong.

This image is the original.

This is the remix version.

Once again, I knew exactly what I was going to do once I found this image. I spent quite a long time scrolling through propaganda and this one caught my eye.

This image is the original.

This is the remix version.

When I was remixing this image, I tried to relate it to our upcoming presentation. I feel that the text and the image matches well.

Overall, I had a blast looking for propaganda posters. I knew we had to do vintage travel posters but I could not do anything with that idea. I did not know how to approach that topic. If I did attempt it, the only thing that would come to mind is if I made some offensive remixes. Like for New York, I could add things we really have in the city, like rats. Overall I hope you guys like my work. 🙂

CALL OF DUTY: Modern Warfare 2

As a kid, I played this game religiously. Even though I did not meet the age requirement for this game, I had it. This game is the best CALL OF DUTY game, and one of the best games ever released. MW2, had many aspects that made the game great, till this day.

Even though, I don’t play my XBOX or PS3 anymore, I always have the urge to play this. This game also had many hackers which ruined the game, but also made the game fun. I remember many, including myself, using aimbot and joining the lobbies that had super jump and speed. This game will have a place in my heart forever.

You guys should seriously check out the trailer for this game -> Here.

Fifth Set of Random Images I found Online

I use this image when someone says something outrageous to me. For example, if someone says “Country music is the best”, I simply respond with this image.

This image is a favorite of mine because this is Young Thug, one of my favorite rappers, and the expression on his face is priceless. I usually send this image to my friends when they say something gross.

This image honestly represents me. Personally, I have a horrible sleep schedule and right now its finals week. There has been many nights where I have went to sleep at 5am and woke up at 7am. I know its bad but I believe that I am the most productive at night. In the afternoon and evening I procrastinate a LOT! Overall this image 100% represents me when I have school the next day. 😛

Fourth Set of Random Images I found Online

This image represents me during exams. Personally, I do horrible under pressure and Exams are my weakness. And who doesn’t love a classic sponge bob meme?

I think about this meme every time someone tells me to listen to their music or a certain song. I am not an open person who likes to listen to knew things. I like to stay to my closed circle of music artist. So stop sending me sound cloud links. Thanks

This is one of those best frog memes. I could not find the exact name of it but I love this image. I have this expression whenever something awkward happens to me and I can’t explain my expression.

Rumble Fighter

Rumble Fighter is basically a free to play fighting MMO game that has real fighting styles and real mixed martial arts. This game is one of the first few computer games that I have played. I remember around 2008, my brother would play this game all the time. Hes the only who put me onto this game in the first place. I would play this game everyday for hours at a time for years to come. Eventually, this game transfered to different companys which killed the game. People would lose their items in the first initial move from a company called OGPlanet to RedFox. The developed of the game do little to update the game and only release RNG items that cost real money.

Personally, Its really sad for me to see how bad this game has became because this used to be my go-to game back in my younger days. I wish this game would do a bigger update which would modernize it. It would bring back the fans, like me, who missed the old feelings.

You guys should check out the origninal trailer from 2007 –> Here

There is also an alternate European Trailer which is sick –> Here

[WEEK #12] Zine Project

A shorter version of this blog post is on my CT101 blog website. I decided to move all my work here so it shows progress. You guys can check out the original post here.

Hey guys for this week I gave my best shot at this project. I had fun creating something that relates to myself. This first image below, is my very first shot at this project. I did not read the instructions closely but I was finding stuff on this website called Pixabay. This website is very cool and I will add this to my tools for future projects.

This is my first design. During the time I created it, it was Halloween. I am very inspired by all the scary Halloween stuff. I thought this would be cool

The image below shows creative technology that inspire me. Personally, I am inspired by the space (Astronomy). I love everything about space such as planets, galaxies, black holes, etc. I find all of this very inspiring to myself. I hope you guys like my design. I spent a lot of work designing it. 🙂

The third image I created was based off technology I have encountered. When I think of this image, I truly believe Technology fuels creativity. The center is also wifi which is very important in this day of age. I thought I’d put the light bulbs above the computer screen because technology creates ideas. I tried to give everything my own spice. I really also liked this James Comey quote.

I hope you guys like all my work 🙂

League of Legends

Throughout my early years of High School, I was sick of the old games I was playing. I wanted to play a very popular game with an active fan base. My friend and I started to play League of Legends based off a recommendation from one of our other friends. While starting at first, I did not know anything at all. After a few hundred games, I started to get a hang of the game. I would suggest playing these games with friends and learn together. If I where to play this game myself for the first time, I would have quit on the first match I played. I still play this game pretty actively. Recently there was an E-Sports event called 2019 Worlds.

You guys should check out this amazing musical performance —–> Here.

Third Set of Random Images I found Online

Honestly I saw this on Twitter and I liked the caption. “…le…lets get this bread”. This is honestly me when I have to wake up at 7:30am for class.

I like this image because recently I watched Michael Myers movies. This is my response whenever my mom says something embarrassing about me on her phone.

This is me every time I go to sleep at 3am (which is currently right now when I am making this).


While growing up, this game was one of the first few games I have ever played. This game was truly an OG classic game. Whenever I played this game, it felt very similar to me. In this game, basically there is a character called Jimmy Hopkins that goes to school and have to deal with missions. This game was unique because there was not many games that are school themed. I played this game on the PS2 back in the days. Throughout the years, I have completed this game on other consoles like PS2, PS3, XBOX360, and PC. You guys should check out the trailer that released on August 11, 2006. —-> Here